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[…] des baisers de sa bouche, […] Kisses from his mouth, extract from the biblical text of the “Song of Songs”, is the editorial theme of this second opus*. It was on the occasion of the marriage of Alain Bashung and Chloé Mons, in 2001, that Rodolphe Burger put in music the divine and sensual poetry of the “Song of Songs”, in a new translation by Olivier Cadiot. Compilation of ancestral verses describing the absolute of a love binding a man and a woman, this text is also envisaged as a spiritual metaphor.

*Since the 1960s, stickers have continued to develop. Thanks to their technical simplicity, innovation quickly spread around the world according to developments in fashion, society and means of communication and expression. The Imagettes collection brings together thirty-two photographs: an image, a photographer, a sticker. These images, like a small portable exposure, can be glued on a support of your choice.

…] des baisers de sa bouche

Jacque Borgetto – Katharina Bosse – Arnaud Claass – Denis Dailleux – Frédérique Daubal – Floriane de Lassée – Richard Dumas – Gladys – William Heise – Laura Henno – Claudia Imbert – Mat Jacob – Grégoire Korganow – Samuel Lebon – Christine Lefebvre – Dolorès Marat – Julien Mignot – Rémi Noël – Françoise Nuñez & Bernard Plossu – Prune Phi – Serge Picard – Marion Poussier – Jorge Rivas-Rivas – Sandra Rocha – Rima Samman – Yusuf Sevincli – Jean-François Spricigo – The Anonymous Project – Myriam Tirler – Delphine Warin – Masao Yamamoto – Thibaud Yevnine

36 photos colors et black & white

16 pages

ISBN : 978-2-35046-572-2


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