Exhibition “Thingstätten” at Deutsche Haus NYU, New York

Opening: September 7th 2023

The Exhibition opens Sept 7th at Deutsches Haus NYU, New York 6-8 pm, and runs through Oct 27th. Please make an appointment to visit the exhibition by emailing Sarah Girner, cultural program Deutsches Haus at NYU (sig1@nyu.edu)

Between 1933 and 1936, dozens of Thingstätte, or amphitheaters, were erected as propagandistic open-air theaters and meeting places by the Nazi regime. While many of these amphitheaters are barely known today, they can still be found throughout Germany, Poland and Russia. Here, scholars and artists assess the relevance of these architectural specimens for the future. The project received a special mention by the Jury of the European Heritage Award. The multi-disciplinary approach can be seen as an international model to address topics of problematic history.

More information, a map and research can be found at : www.thingstaetten.info

Thingstätten publication (German)

Thingstätten publication (English)

Katharina Bosse (DEU)

Rebecca Budde de Cancino (DEU)

Doug Fitch (USA)

Jan Merlin Friedrich (DEU)

Jakob Ganslmeier (DEU)

Bernhard Gelderblom (DEU)

Andrea Grützner (DEU/USA)

Rebecca Hackemann (USA)

Konstantin Karchevskiy (RUS)

Hendrik Lüders (DEU)

Daniel Mirer (USA)

Felix Nürmberger (DEU)

Ralph Pache (DEU)

Abhijit Pal (IND)

Philipp Robien (DEU)

Jewgeni Roppel (DEU)

Simon Schubert (DEU)

Kuno Seltmann (DEU)

Erica Shires  (USA)

Gerwin Strobl (UK)

Beata Wielgosik (POL)

Thomas Wrede (DEU)

Stefan Wunsch (DEU)