Everybody can be – Exhibition and more

Opening Oct 28 th 7pm Kulturkiosk, Lazarettstr. 5, 70182 Stuttgart

Exhibition series “Alle meine Freundinnen #11” curated by Sara Dahme

Oct 28-Nov 5th 2023

Everybody can be #10, 100 x 235 cm

The series symbolically reinforces the presence of the female, non-binary, transgender body in public space. It recodes the urban landscape through digital monuments and addresses questions of gender and space/place. The focus is on the nighttime absence of womxn in public space.

The models created with 3d-data represent both the “male” and the “female” gaze. The curves and tight clothing represent the fetishized female form, designed for collectors of miniature pin-ups. 

The figurines, however, counteract the gaze. Their activity is directed at the viewer in an act of resistance. They record what they see by lifting a camera of their own. Like watchwomxn of the night, they bear witness.  Some other figurines rest easily, their gaze turned inwards, not performing for the spectator’s eye.

While their body may be on display, their mind is fighting back.

One image from the series was selected by “Freundeskreises des Hauses der Photographie” for their benefit edition – more info at https://freundeskreisphotographie.de

Published as the opener for “Fotomagazin Edition #13” article “Powerful Women. Standing together for more visibility. The new power of communities”.

Interviews with collectives femxphotographers.org, Herspective, Femalephotoclub and more.

Everybody can be #11

https://www.fotomagazin.de/bild/fotomagazin-edition-no-13-fotokunst-im-xxl-format/ Article and Interview by Anja Martin